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I was tagged by The Sassy Library Fox!


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 If you could only take three things to a deserted island, what would you take with you?

Definitely a working refrigerator with water because if I don’t have cold water I just won’t drink water and then I will die. like I can’t physically force myself to drink warmish water. if it’s not freezing my teeth then I don’t want it.

What is your favourite flower?

ooh uhm I really like minecraft orchids. and irl I like wildflowers.

What was your favourite tv show as a kid? (And can you still sing the opening song? *lol*)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED blues clues and yes I can sing the song

bluees cluees bluess cluess

uh something





If you’d have to play a role in a movie what would you rather like to be: The superhero that saves the day or the villain that tries to cause destruction? And why?! XD


literally I’ve been in plays since fifth grade and I’ve noticed that I’ve done better whenever I had a villain part

this year I was a ghost that threatened to kill the MC’s daughter and I think that was the best performance I’ve ever done. I mean sure it’s my most recent one but I think it’s because I was evil and singing and screaming and really it was just a lot of fun being evil yknow?

and I was a pirate in a production of peter pan in middle school and that was one of the best roles I’ve ever done too

so yeah evil.

How many languages do you speak and which ones? =)

I speak english

And I’m learning ASL at the moment.

it’s pretty neat.

I’m not tagging anyone because I’m tired but if you want go ahead

15 thoughts on “mystery blogger award

  1. Ice cold water is the best and *lol* I’d love to be a villain too! XD It’s cool you’re learning ASL! Is it difficult to learn? I imagine to learn it might be a lot different than when you usually learn a new language. Thank you so much for doing the award and for all the great answers! It was fun to read! =)

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    • it’s not that hard tbh but it’s harder because each sign is so different?? like I used to take spanish and it was easier to think of a word when they’re similar but with asl you need to make a picture with your hands so i guess its harder in that sense

      Liked by 1 person

    oh yes minecraft orchids, the definition of true beauty, they are stunning please-
    YES I LOVE VILLAINS TOO i’d love to play one in a movie sksksks

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