random question (pls help me)

what’s the best way to sell old books?

i’m in desperate need of an entire series so i need to sell some old books in order to acquire the appropriate money



what’s the best way to sell old books and get the best amount of money for them?? (preferably online??)

k thanks

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rambling about my current wip + a random scene :))

i’m kinda nervous about posting this for absolutely no reason. like i literally do not know why. but enjoy. ;))

here’s kinda how I imagine them???????? kind of???


sasha my beloved



rory my beloved

the only problem is they look like children with these picrews… and they’re not children.


anyway sasha’s a tailor and rory’s training to be a doctor and they live in a small cottagey town.

rory’s very confident and Tall.

and sasha’s confident (but in a lesser way?? idk what im saying) and he’s short. like. short. incredibly short. tiny. idk why it just is.

Rory’s going through some turmoil because she LIKES SASHA like, SO MUCH but she doesn’t want to compromise…. and so she overthinks and jumps to conclusions. as we all do <33

Sasha tugs off his gloves, revealing slender brown hands. He puts them at his side, and their fingers ever-so-slightly brush together. Ever-so-slightly.

Why do you wear gloves?” she murmurs.

“They make me feel safe. When I’m anxious.”

“Are you always anxious?”

“Not always,” he replies, glancing down at her hands. “But I like keeping them on. As a precaution.”

Gingerly, his fingertips land on her knuckles. She breathes a little faster.

It’s just a simple touch.

But oh dear she’s so absolutely in love.

She watches his lips, wondering if she might kiss them.

He traces her forearm. “I don’t wear them at home, usually, unless I’m doing something with an anxiety-triggering texture. Textures really get to me. Either they feel nice or they make me want to scratch my eyes out.”

Each insufferably gentle stroke gives her heavy butterflies in her stomach and lungs. It’s a condition. “Okay,” she breathes, not daring to look him in the eyes. 

“I really do okay now.” Straying to her face, he strokes her cheek absentmindedly. She nearly explodes. How is he doing this so nonchalantly?!  “But I like choosing which textures to experience. I’d rather touch the petals of a silkbloom than the clammy metal of a grocery refrigerator. Sometimes things overwhelm me, and I like how the gloves feel, so I keep them on. Even if I get a little sweaty.”

“I was just curious. You don’t need to… justify anything. I think it’s neat.”

His fingertips rest at the edge of her mouth.

She’s never wanted to kiss anyone this desperately.

He seems so calm.

He must be just as trembly as she is.

He must.

His eyes trail over her face, leaving a blush in wake.

He balances on the bench edge, bringing a whisper to her ear

so maddingly close

but they’re interrupted, by Sasha, who, startled, drops his hands. He doesn’t look at her, tugging on gloves. “I’m feeling much better. We can return to the party. Thank you for staying out with me.”

“It was a pleasure.”

Their interaction leaves her scrambling for an answer. Maybe they’re not casually dating. Maybe they’re not just really really good friends who went on two dates. Maybe Sasha legitimately wants… more.


What kind of more?

More as in, “I want to kiss you and be in a serious relationship.”

Or as in “I like you and I want sex with you.”

Rory’s heart pounds.


Oh dear.

He wants sex.

Doesn’t he?

That’s what all this is about.

She glances over at him. He sits at the counter, catches her staring, and offers a little wave. She gives him a slow grin, heart aflutter, and continues dancing with Chatana.

 But he’s just so… cute.

Cute or not, there’s still the likability he’s going to want sex.

The possibility he’d find her sexually appealing…

It makes her shudder.

“Sexually appealing.”

No, thank you.

Sex isn’t something she strives for.

Sex should be a once-in-a-while activity, if anything.

She just wants someone who, to them, sex is… it’s not something they think about.

She has no sexual desire towards Sasha. All she really wants is to kiss him. Maybe read together on the couch. Or perhaps fall asleep in his arms.

There’s more than one kind of intimacy, and perhaps she has the audacity to prefer one over the other.

Romantic intimacy over sexual intimacy.

But she’d be fooling herself if she thought anyone felt the same.

She’s tried explaining this to friends or family, but to no avail. They give her the same dead look. As if she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

She knows she makes sense. She knows she’s right! So why don’t people understand?!

She sneaks one more glance at Sasha.

She wants to be his partner so bad.

But is it… worth it.

It sounds terrible. But she’d never undermine herself for a man.

Is it worth it?

To be in a relationship

with a man

who wants


than she’s willing to give.

yeah so i’ve been working on that and eventually there’s gonna be a ghost involved and I’m still not sure what’s gonna happen to Rory but she’s not really in the *reality* of the plot? Idk like this scene is from the past and she’s doing doctor stuff overseas or something.

i might post the scene following this one at some point?? idk. maybe?? idk. perhaps?? who knows (not me).


also if this post randomly disappears that was on purpose

y’all are probably wondering if i’m alive


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I’ve been busy (as lots of people have been) like, with school (as lots of people have been).

But I’m done with school now. For the summer at least.

Ish. I still have tons of math and science to finish. And an SAT. Ugh.

But yes.

Also I’ve been super unmotivated?????? I don’t really have anything to say to y’all.



Anyway I’ll probably post some writing stuff soon.

here’s a complimentary john deacon

goodbye :))

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 If you could only take three things to a deserted island, what would you take with you?

Definitely a working refrigerator with water because if I don’t have cold water I just won’t drink water and then I will die. like I can’t physically force myself to drink warmish water. if it’s not freezing my teeth then I don’t want it.

What is your favourite flower?

ooh uhm I really like minecraft orchids. and irl I like wildflowers.

What was your favourite tv show as a kid? (And can you still sing the opening song? *lol*)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED blues clues and yes I can sing the song

bluees cluees bluess cluess

uh something





If you’d have to play a role in a movie what would you rather like to be: The superhero that saves the day or the villain that tries to cause destruction? And why?! XD


literally I’ve been in plays since fifth grade and I’ve noticed that I’ve done better whenever I had a villain part

this year I was a ghost that threatened to kill the MC’s daughter and I think that was the best performance I’ve ever done. I mean sure it’s my most recent one but I think it’s because I was evil and singing and screaming and really it was just a lot of fun being evil yknow?

and I was a pirate in a production of peter pan in middle school and that was one of the best roles I’ve ever done too

so yeah evil.

How many languages do you speak and which ones? =)

I speak english

And I’m learning ASL at the moment.

it’s pretty neat.

I’m not tagging anyone because I’m tired but if you want go ahead

decentering romantic relationships || hey look another rant :))

I watched this video and I love it::

They don’t get to the decentering romance bit until half-way through the video but um… yes.

also I dare you to take a shot (of milk!! bc milk is disgusting. unless it’s chocolate) every time I use the word “romance”.

also don’t assume any of this will make sense. cause it won’t.

Decentering romance.

This idea is my favorite thing ever.

Cause guess what?

Romantic relationships aren’t that important.

We need to revalue platonic relationships.

Cause if you didn’t have platonic relationships? you’d be dead.

without parents or guardians or siblings or family or friends??? no one to take care of you?

you’d be dead. legitimately actually dead.

platonic relationships are necessary for life. romantic ones are not.


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“oh do you have a crush on them?” *they’re just someone you said hi to*

“aww they’re so cute together!” *they’re children*

“ooooo do you like them??” *you mentioned someone of the gender you’re attracted to*

“you don’t have a crush on anyone/?!??!?!??/1//1??!” *you’re living a happy crush-free life*

“when are you getting a significant other??!” *you’re just existing*

honestly? i’m sick of it.

i am so so so so so sick of it.

like why is it that if you’re like, out with your friend or something, people would assume you’re “together” first, and not simply friends?

why isn’t friendship a priority? the “norm”? I really don’t get it.

even children are taught that romantic relationships are the only “worthwhile” ones. that you can only have a family with a romantic person in your life.

like have you ever heard of a friendship family?? ever?? without any romance within it?? legitimately, i cannot.

I have trouble imagining a life without a significant other– only because i’ve never seen it. i cannot think of a time where i’ve seen someone live life (happily! no woe-is-me in sight! no past lover!) without romance.

women are taught that a romantic relationship is better than none. (men too, but women especially). and so they settle for less than they deserve.

women deserve so much better than that 😭😭😭😭

women deserve more respect than they get.

women are just so neat.

din djarin on Tumblr

me locking in my love for y’all

why is there romance in children’s movies? like there are more movies centered on romance than friendship?? at least the movies I grew up with.

and there are so many movies where the protagonist ditches their friends for a significant other. and it’s so!! dumb!!

romance isn’t that important.

I mean this is coming from someone who legitimately gets scared of any romantic plot in her life but shhhh

but really?? children’s media shouldn’t have romance.

I don’t really have a good clear answer except that it teaches kids that romance is the only option. when really your platonic relationships are better.

I want to see more stories about people who grow old with their best friend. People who don’t ever have romantic relationships. People who don’t whine about their lack of romance. Someone who is content with their romance free life. PLEASE I NEED IT I NEED IT! IT WOULD SAVE MY LIFE. YOU’D BE A HERO.


ofc it’s okay for romance. but it should not be the center of your life.

I’m really tired of the whole “you show affection to a friend? oooooo you like themmm”


Like, I have this friend, he and I get along really well, but since I am a girl and he is a boy O B V I O U S L Y we’re interested in each other. (sarcasm!!) even tho we agree on staying friendzoned. (not sarcasm!!)

my mom actually asked my BROTHER if I had a crush on said friend because quote “yOud nevEr tell ME”

and last year said friend and I talked to each other at a my dead friend’s FUNERAL and afterwards my mom was like “oH y’All woULd be sOOO cute TogetHEER!”

like bruh we were at our best friend’s funeral just trying to find something happy in an otherwise horrible time. not to mention that was the first time we’d ever had an actual conversation.

And I like to talk about actors and actresses but espECIALLY tobey maguire (and thor/chris hemsworth, because my mom thinks he’s neat) but my DAD thinks it’s because I have a CRUSH on them. which is noT the case. I’ve started obsessing over Agatha Harkness now and I’m curious to see what happens there asjhbfjkdshsjk

but anyway like can I not think a person is cool? say I love them they’re amazing the character is great without wanting sex/be in a relationship with them? cause they’re cool but I am NOT attracted to them. I just think they’re cool. and occasionally pretty.

there’s a lot more I could go into but… as some of y’all may know I got into a sticky situation with a friend (we’re still friends, I think we cleared most of the issues up but that’s another thing)

Basic premise: We were friends. He liked me. I had no idea. He asked me to date him. I freaked out for six months. I friendzoned-ish him. He persisted-ish. I finally told him how he upset me and a bunch of random stuff. We figured it out. We are cool.

But my dad kept trying to talk me into dating him?? like, “no i don’t want you to date but also he’s nice and he likes you so give him a chance don’t let fear get in the way.”

like bruh I wasn’t scared I just didn’t want to but I was anxious but like BRUH SHUT UPPPPP

And literally last week my friend and I were talking and we’re anxious and were rocking back and forth and my dad said we looked cute???

Din Djarin Is Hot and Those Are the Facts | The Mary Sue

I’m not sure if I’ll ever participate in a romantic relationship, but I do know I’ll have standards. they’re simple standards, but unfortunately?? it’ll be hard to find someone with those standards.


  • an actual christian (bc duh don’t be unequally yolked and all that stuff)
        • “actual christian” as in someone who actually reads the Bible and respects people and all that cool stuff
  • feminist (because if you don’t respect women why are you here)
  • doesn’t want children
  • not sexual (uhmmmmmmm sex makes me uncomfortableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEE so let’s not????????)

And uh that’s about it?? Ish?? wait no one more

  • likes Spider-Man 3

Okay I’m done.

But honestly this isn’t a priority for me. My dream is to live in another country in a small house with a bunch of reptiles and my little brother. Literally he and I would have so much fun.

And I want to get a phd. because yes.

that’s the dream and I don’t see a romantic partner anywhere in there my guy!!

it’s just discouraging– the lack of platonic life partner representation. because those exist. and I want one.

I hate this whole “you’ll change your mind when you’re older” rhetoric.

like sure I might be an itchy dragon-obsessed high schooler but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want.

if someone says “oh I wanna be married when I grow up!” no one says “oH you mIGHT chANGE yoUr mINd sWEEtiE” or “yOU’rE too youNG to knOW”

like bruh that’s a child saying they wanna be mantled to a selfish human being forever. maybe don’t encourage it.

and since romance was so prevalent in society I kinda forced myself to have crushes?? so I was “normal”

My boyfriend talking me down from an imaginary crisis when I'm PMSing... -  Album on Imgur

me to me when remembering these situations


but like the first “crush” was me thinking he was cool and good.

wait no my first crush was robin hood and it was me wishing I was him. I wished I was robin hood for the majority of my childhood. (the same thing happened with han solo ahfshbjak)

second?? same thing. (he liked star wars and we talked about it every school day it was great!! now he’s kind of stupid so glad I was too scared to say anything dhbfnjskj) (also I have written proof that I chose him out of a lineup of boys to crush on)

third?? literally I started “crushing” on him because I’d zoned out and stared into space and happened to be looking at him and my friend said “oooh you’re staring at him you liiiike him!” and i was like “yeah makes sense”

and also said friend was SUPER boy crazy and I didn’t wanna be left out of the “fun”

ughghghghghghghghghhghghghghghghghghg I legitimately hate my past self UAUGHUSJAHJKKKKK

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idk what he’s saying pretend it makes sense

but y ea h.

I have problems.

I don’t know what’s exactly “wrong” with me but I do know that I legitimately don’t care anymore??

like boys are neat (sometimes) yeah but no.

girls are cool but thank you, next.

anyone else? y’all are beautiful but uhm see ya.

it’s very simple!!

WHY DON’T PEOPLE BELIEVE ME *cough* my parents *COUgh*

dindjarinedits Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com

“he likes you!!” “it’s ok if you have a crush!!” “*unbelieving glance when you say you don’t like anyone*” “OOOH DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH??”

one din djarin gifset per episode | chapter 6: t... - Tumbex

please assume nothing and stop saying things like that!! or else!!

like romance/sex/significant others aren’t even that important to life, like I said.

the problem is i’m scared of the future I don’t wanna be alone (but also I do)

I really haven’t decided what I want tbh

also , even though this society puts so much emphasis on crushing, I don’t know what a crush actually is. what is a crush??? how do I not know???

like what happens when you get a crush? how do you know? cause if I had known what a crush was I likely would’ve saved myself from the intense desire to beat myself up.

cause I’m pretty sure:: whatever a crush is, I definitely haven’t had it.



i’ve tried looking up the definition but it doesn’t help!!!!!

the only definition of crush I grew up with was the one in dork diaries… and also I had undiagnosed anxiety so I probably confused “butterflies” with “near panic attack”

alright I went to urban dictionary here are some definitions:

  • A person who gives you butterflies and makes your heart beat faster. A person that you can’t describe in a word, but multiple words. A person you can’t get off your mind.
  • A secret burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special, with whom there’s low or no chances at all of being a couple.
  • When you like someone more than a friend. Someone you’re attracted to, someone whose personality you like a lot. They might like you back, there’s always hope 🙂
  • a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special.
  • Someone who makes you want to kill yourself and kill them because they are way too cute and beautiful to be yours and you just sit there and eat cheese burger with tears streaming down your face
  • The one person who will single-handedly destroy your existence.
  • your always think about this person who you admire and would do anything to date them

I don’t really know how to decipher this. I don’t know what this is. What is it. What does it mean.

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like I get it??? but I don’t??

it sounds a bit desperate and crazed and irrational and… painful.

yeeeaaahhh I don’t think i’ve ever had a crush.

it sounds horrible.

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anyway that was a rant and I don’t think any of it made sense but guess what?? I’m posting it anyway :))) i hope you enjoyed goodbye

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should racist monuments be removed? yes. the answer is yes. || a speech I did for school

I had to give a speech for school last week and since I’m running out of blogging ideas I’m going to post it here. Enjoy.

Also there are definitely mistakes bc I didn’t have to turn in a paper copy of anything so.

I would’ve said much more but I only had five minutes whakkbfsjk

“When I first moved here… I thought these statues were ridiculous. Why build a street for losers?” This quote is from Tommley Finley, a 70 year old Black America. Racist monuments should be removed because of their history, their reinforcement of white supremacy, and to restore American integrity.

Stone Mountain, the most iconic monument in Georgian history, is steeped in darkness. Helen Plane, member of a group honoring Confederate leaders, proposed the idea for the carving. A Birth of a Nation, a movie glorifying the Confederacy, inspired a group of men to reignite the KKK. They had a grand old time terrorizing people of color before World War 2 interrupted them. After the war, they climbed Stone Mountain and burned a 300ft cross to, quote, “let them know the war is over and the Klan is back!” (paraphrased) This mountain, widely associated with hate, made it into Dr King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech, where he said, “Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia!” In 2017, a petition came up for a monument honoring Dr King. Upon hearing this plan, a group of neo-Confederates —a group of people clinging to Confederate ideals— marched up the mountain, laden with guns and Confederate flags. “forget Civil Rights, this is a Civil War mountain!” (paraphrased) Governor Nathan Deal dropped the idea entirely, giving in to the protests. Stone Mountain, and all monuments celebrating the mistreatment of people of color, should be removed.

Monuments linked to racist figures stand for values of hate, discrimination, and perceived superiority. Such monuments enforce the “rightness” of the Confederate cause. The Confederacy and the KKK were born of hatred, and so were their shrines. Civil War monuments do not celebrate the freedom of slaves, but for those who fought against it. Some speculate that the removal of monuments would lead to the erasure of history, but they do not realize that the mere existence of these statues suffocate centuries. They bring white history to the top, squashing all minority history beneath them. Would removing them “rewrite history”? I believe not. What I do believe qualifies as “rewriting history” is forgetting this nation was stolen from Native Americans. That slaves powered its economy. That police hate crimes are swept under the rug. That the KKK still moves today. “Monuments don’t teach history… instead, monuments are about values.” “Memorials should exist for evil’s victims, not for evil’s perpetrators.” Removing these monuments wouldn’t make those problems go away— but it would show that America has begun to acknowledge its flaws. 

Why does it matter? Integrity. “Government should remove racist statues and monuments to prove they reject past ideologies.” Instead of reforming and admitting their sins, America still clings to its “idol”: pride. “A country cannot begin to cleanse itself of evil while maintaining shrines to those who committed it.” How could a repentant nation continue to worship the idols of their past? “They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, and unfit for any good work.” Taking down racist monuments would be a step in ridding its heart of evil. 

Some argue, “Where does it end?? You’ll have to get rid of everything!” If they promote the dehumanization of people of color, then yes. Get rid of them. If you think art is more important than the dignity of human beings, then you’re wrong. There’s no question. Basic human respect is more important than objects.

 “And what about the founding fathers?! They owned slaves!!” I found this quote from a Harvard article that explains it well. “No one puts a monument up to Washington or Jefferson to promote slavery. The monuments go up because, without Washington, there likely would not have been an American nation.” The difference is the motive. A letter from Helen Plane proves her motives behind the Stone Mountain carving. She said, “I feel it is due to the Klan, which saved us from Black dominations and carpetbag rule, that it be immortalized on Stone Mountain. Why not represent a small group of them approaching in the distance.” (paraphrased) As I said, removing controversial monuments would not rewrite history— it would prove a nation’s integrity.

What can the government do? Plan (and follow through with) the removal of harmful monuments and statues. Rename cities and streets. Work towards equality in everyday life. It’s not enough to only remove monuments— it’s just a step in dismantling white supremacy. What can young people do? Listen to and respect POC’s opinions. Educate themselves. Research how to vote towards monument removal 

Racist monuments should be removed because of their plethora of hateful history, their role in white supremacy, and to reinstall American integrity.

“Americans look for heroes, sometimes more than the truth. And as these statues show, we’re very good at mythmaking.”

Thank you for your time.


a teensy rant

I know it all comes down to sexism and objectification but I don’t get how a man can go around in a speedo and no one cares but if a woman wears a bikini they’re seen as “immodest”

there was this guy who ran around my neighborhood/area and he wore nothing but booty shorts. no one cared. but I was always brought up to not wear shorts too short and always wear layers and don’t even dare to show my shoulders. guys can go swimming in the equivalent of their underwear, but if I did it? I was immodest. I’ve never worn a bikini, because I never felt comfortable, but also I was taught, “what if you were at *enter a girl my parents considered as “lesser” or something* house, and she wanted to go swimming, and she gave you a bikini. what would you do?” dutiful me said “i wouldn’t wear it.”

but why? a bikini is the swimming equivalent of my underwear.

the exact same thing men wear.

I legitimately don’t get the double standard. it’s logical to say “they can wear the same thing.”

I remember a woman, at the store, and she wore a shirt that looked exactly like a bra. my mother was shocked.

but then we go to the park and we see a man without a shirt.

no reaction.

we can’t wear crop tops or shorts or tank tops

dress codes are paragraphs long, compared to the two lines for the men.

you sometimes can’t even find the mens’. the womens’ overshadows it.

even body hair is “inappropriate.”

people can’t know we grow hair.

you can’t wear eyeliner or eyeshadow or bright lipsticks

but if you don’t?


you cannot be a woman, but you cannot not be a woman.

you can’t wear pants that’re too tight. you can’t wear “masculine clothes”.

but if you wear “feminine clothes” then you’re a bimbo, you’re basic, you’re a “girl” (used in the worst way possible).

there’s a strict, strict box children are shoved in. a prison.

a cage of femininity.

i remember hiding an incredibles book from my mom because I was scared of being seen reading a “boy” book. irrationally, I might add.

when I got older I rejected anything “girly”.

I definitely had a “not like other girls” phase.

I’ve gotten over that, mostly. I’m not sure where I am now.

you’re told to find the “limbo” between “masculine” and “feminine”

but there isn’t one, really. as a woman, you’re told not to be a woman.

but you can’t be a man either.

you can’t wear suits or pants or ties or even have short hair.

or you’re just trying to be a man.

there is no solution.

it’s one of those math problems you spend hours on, only to find there’s no answer.

even the other day, I was trying to find a comfortable outfit for school. i’m giving a speech, and I need “dressy” clothes. but I, personally, do not like wearing dresses. I do, sometimes, and I have many good dresses that I love. but I really didn’t want to wear a dress. so I chose dress pants, a button up shirt, and a vest. (because heck yeah, vests are cool!)

but then my little brother said “you look like a guy! I’ve never seen girls wear clothes like that.”

I told him they are, in fact, girl’s clothes, because I, a girl, am wearing them.

my mom simply said, “she doesn’t like dressing like other girls.”

both of their statements hurt me.

I can wear what I like. But that doesn’t mean I’m trying to be a man. But that doesn’t mean I’m not like other girls.

am like other girls.

We are all tired of society’s belief that men can exist as people, but women can’t.

note: I wrote this and posted it in one sitting so some things might be unclear sooo sorry but I’m low-key upset now that I’m thinking about it.

I’m not even out of high school and I’m sick of the world.

the beatles tag

First off I would like to say that the Beatles’ chaotic energy is PERFECt and I want that energy so bad

DISCLAIMER:: I’ve worked on this for like 3 months and I still haven’t finished it SOOO i’m just gonna post it anyway. yeet.

and yes, i know, this post is a mess. shhh.


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  2. Thank whoever tagged you
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I have been recommending these books for A LONG TIME NOW but I absolutely LOVE Gina Damico’s books:: especially Waste of Space and Hellhole. I haven’t read them since last year bUT I STILL LOVE THEM AND I WILL REREAD THEM SOON!

Honestly, the entire Kaya american girl series. Kaya is, in fact, the best American Girl doll and nobody can change my mind. I might be a bit biased but STILL! I love her SO MUCH. I need to take pictures of her for my insta actually–

Also she reallllllyyy needs to be rewigged OMJG

ANyway Kaya is superior and I will be taking no negative comments about her thanks.

When Panic Attacks. I still need to finish this book tho. I started it like, idk, in June?? And I never finished it lol. BUT I LIKE IT SO FAR OKAY. Oh also How We Love… I think that’s what it’s called idk. It’s a marriage book but still applicable to things other than marriage/romantic relationships so.

Shadow?? I don’t know?? Like a good one or a bad one… I don’t know. Harry Potter has a shadow over me (a bad one) but only bc JKR is an idiot

One-way ticket to where?? Am I supposed to listen to these songs before answering? Idek if I’ve listened to this song yet! AGvghhdjsfkjkjnaiksdjdjn. Okay let’s say it’s a one-way ticket to hell and I guess I’d send True Grit there because it’s so dull and NOT FUNNY MR L.

emergency contact!! I recently reread this book and it’s SO good?? I mean it’s contemporary so it’s kinda predictable and nothing really happens but IT ENTERTAINED ME THAT”S ALL THAT MATTERS

I really did like it.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Oh also the Twits. And George’s Marvelous Medicine. I guess all Roald Dahl’s books. They’re cool and good.

my biography??

no I don’t have one of those and hopefully never will.


I’m really tempted to mention one of my favorite books for the millionth time BUT I WON’T.

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yes. be proud.


The Bible

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I guess Twilight idk. It’s really really really really really bad but I like it because it’s bad? I love to hate it i guess. I don’t know. I actually hate it so much. I don’t know.



Bonus Question: What’s your favourite Beatles song?


Okay okay okay. I Am The Walrus, (I actually have all the lyrics memorized) Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite (love remix), Help, Fool on the Hill, Piggies, Honey Pie, I’m So Tired (mood), A Day In The Life, Drive My Car, annnnnnnnnnd Get Back.

Also I’m thinking about making a queen version of this lmk what you think k thx

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the meme tag: participating in my own tag bc who makes the rules? I DO.

This is a tag I created on my other blog. PLEASE DON’T GO FOLLOW IT I KEEP GETTING NEW FOLLOWERS THERE AND IT MAKES ME SAD. I’m not gonna tag it but if you somehow find it please pretend it doesn’t exist I’m trying my best to forget about it bc it makes me sad so yeah.

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bACK in MY dAY people would READ bOOKS that were wriTTen by RAciST misOgyNistS tHOSE weRE thE dAys!!1!!!!

I guess I’ll just say um TRUE GRIT


(it’s not) (i hate it) (with a passion) (don’t read it) (it’s boring)

wait does anyone even know what that is?




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please read them.


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Breaking Dawn. What the actual heck was happening. I finally read the Twilight series and IOGHSIUKJN I have thoughts?

what even happened? I don’t know if I even finished it. Was there supposed to be like, a fight scene or something? Why was Bella’s pregnancy a thing? WHY?!? I think my brain blocked it out for my safety tbh.


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Gemina was SO much better than Illuminae okay?? okay. Actually, thinking back… I think Gemina is the least boring out of the entire series. I absolutely LOVE Gemina, but the other books??? eh??


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My Lady Jane but only because history bores me most days (because most people don’t care enough to present it in an interesting way) AND THERE’S SHAPESHIFTING!! I cannot wait to reread this book :))


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THE HUNGER GAMES. It deserves every bit. I love that series so much. Tho tbh Gale shouldn’t’ve been a thing. WHY WAS HE THERE. I mean I get it but I mean the romance. “””ROMANCE”””” I wouldn’t even call it that.


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I see so much love?? for the thousandth floor series? AND I DON’T GET IT> THERE’S SO MUCH WRONG WITH IT. WHY IS IT A THING. I DON’T GET IT.

I might try to reread it soon. ahfhasjkhsj rip me


The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Don’t really remember what happened but all I know is that Mr President started murdering a bunch of people or something. As opposed to trying not to kill people (aka save the girl… forgot her name but that’s fine).


Little Universes. It was so dark?? It doesn’t look or sound or seem like it’ll have so much like?? dark themes? AND OH MY GOSH IT’S BEAUTIFUL. It has drugs and depression and suicide attempts just btw don’t go into it head on if you’re sensitive to those things. I was literally expecting it to be the normal fluffy family contemporary but NOPE. I actually own it too.

TAG :))





Shriya?? (pls tell me if I got it wrong I’m sorryyyy people misspell my name too and I know how much it sucks omjg)








just btw these are the memes I included in my past post bc I was too lazy to find new ones so yeet

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poor unfortunate kruge



Um, actually it’s not. It’s a Saturday. But that’s fine.

I’m doing this thing with Ahaana and Becky… so basically I write things. I know how to do that. I think.

I also posted this on my fanfiction account btw I think I still have it listed in my contact page, but if not, um… it’s probably for the best you never find it.

poor unfortunate kruge

Another day. Being tossed around like I’m nothing. I’m worth a lot, actually. About 1-2 US dollars? I don’t know. US is a fictional country, anyway. (Probably for the best. It doesn’t sound like the best place to be right now). But I’m at least worth a crumb of respect, right?

Apparently not.

Jesper, a boy creepily obsessed with pistols —and my current owner– presses his lips all over me. Ugh, I think, wishing I had bones and muscles and a brain capable enough of GETTING OUT OF HEREwould it kill you to brush your teeth once in a lifetime?

“Sweet, sweet kruge,” he says. I roll my stationary eyes.

Wylan, a slightly younger boy creepily obsessed with bombs –and the only person Jesper will listen to– chucks a book at his head. “Stop making love to a piece of paper!”


“No, but your pistols are.”

Jesper gasps, drops me, and cradles his guns to his chest. Wylan sighs and continues creating an atomic bomb. Jesper croons to his weapons like one does to a particularly adorable kitten.

My brethren offer their condolences and I attempt to erase all memories. Why can’t I have a responsible owner?! Like, maybe Scrooge McDuck?! At least I’d have some alone time in his vault!

Suddenly, I and a handful of my other comrades are snatched away by Inej, a girl creepily obsessed with knives –and she listens to absolutely no one. “I need this to buy waffles for Nina see you later crap-butts!” She always speaks this way– in a hurry. And then she leaps out the window, swears as she tries to extricate herself from a rosebush, and yoinks down the path.

Thankfully, the trip was uneventful and dull. I had a nice conversation with my brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ amen, and they also expressed their relief from leaving Jesper behind.

We arrive at the waffle shop. Nina and Inej chat about knives and books and shoes (I almost join in, but I realize that my sentience would make things awkward).

Then Inej fishes me out of her pocket and hands me and a few of my blood relatives to Nina. “Go order some waffles.”

Nina uncrumples me with a gentle hand and walks inside. She orders two waffles and pays with all of my family tree, leaving only me behind. So back into Inej’s pocket I go. But, due to my super-kruge abilities, I can still see what’s happening. They sit on a bench and enjoy their waffles in peace. Sometimes, the stray old man will glare at them and Nina’s not-at-all poggers fishnet socks and recently blued hair.


A ghost appears.

Nina stumbles on with her rant, angry tears in her eyes, and shouts, “CURSE YOU MATTHIAS!”

The ghost freezes. I get second-hand embarrassment when I realize the ghost was the aforementioned Matthias.

“Stop saying I’m gone!” he whispers.

“Sometimes I still hear his voice,” she mumbles, throwing waffle crumbs at a rat. I stare at the rat for a moment. It has a weird haircut and a miniature crow-topped cane.

I’m sure it means nothing.

But then the rat scutters onto the bench, reaches into Inej’s pocket, and tugs me free. I find myself in a dank sewer, in the teeth of a rat.

“What do you want?!” I squeak.

“Pekkrat Rollins’ head on my table. But you’ll suffice for now.”


The rat huffs. “I’m Brekker. Kaz Brekker. K- kool. A- as frick. Z- zRat.”

“Oh, thanks for clarifying. I’m kruge. The currency.”

“How would you like to join the Gregs?”


Kaz opens the door. A semi-circle of rats turn away from the giant screen. Danny Gonzales talks about Ratatong, a widely acclaimed movie.

“Kaz!” Her rattail (both the hairstyle and the body part) whips behind her as she hurries over to punch him in the face. “Wassup?”

All eyes turn to me, the kruge.

“Finally,” the bleached-blonde says. “We can buy greg merch.”

Then the chanting begins.





I never see the light of day again.

are you doing after the story? how’s it going? yes?

the name's